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VNode Lifecycle Events


In Vue 2, it was possible to use events to listen for key stages in a component's lifecycle. These events had names that started with the prefix hook:, followed by the name of the corresponding lifecycle hook.

In Vue 3, this prefix has been changed to vue:. In addition, these events are now available for HTML elements as well as components.

2.x Syntax

In Vue 2, the event name is the same as the equivalent lifecycle hook, prefixed with hook::

  <child-component @hook:updated="onUpdated">

3.x Syntax

In Vue 3, the event name is prefixed with vue::

  <child-component @vue:updated="onUpdated">

Migration Strategy

In most cases it should just require changing the prefix. The lifecycle hooks beforeDestroy and destroyed have been renamed to beforeUnmount and unmounted respectively, so the corresponding event names will also need to be updated.

Migration build flags: INSTANCE_EVENT_HOOKS

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