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Vue 3 Migration Guide

Vue 2 support will end on December 31st, 2023.

Learn more about Extended LTS if upgrading to Vue 3 isn't feasible before the EOL date.

This guide is primarily for users with prior Vue 2 experience who want to learn about the changes between Vue 2 and Vue 3. This is not something you have to read from top to bottom before trying out Vue 3. The recommended way to learn Vue 3 is by reading the new documentation.

Notable New Features

Some of the new features to keep an eye on in Vue 3 include:

* Now also supported in Vue 2.7
** Supported in Vue 2.7, but only for type inference

Breaking Changes

Breaking changes between Vue 2 and Vue 3 are listed here.

New Framework-level Recommendations

New framework-level recommendations are listed here.

Migration Build

If you have an existing Vue 2 project or library that you intend to upgrade to Vue 3, we provide a build of Vue 3 that offers Vue 2 compatible APIs. Check out the Migration Build page for more details.